Dank and Push

I made both of these videos a while ago and just recently realized that I never put them up on this site.

The acoustic one is called Dank.  It was written during a very dark period in my life but I love how great music can emerge from such shit holes.  It’s a little bit more structured than my other songs have been, meaning closer resemblance to a pop format.  This isn’t a reflection of any direction I intend on going in it’s just one song that I was feeling at the time.  It also has a good deal more lyrics than usual.  Check it out.

This second song is called Push.  It’s the third song I ever wrote I believe and it’s an electric offering.  It has no lyrics but that’s irrelevant because I’m using an effects pedal rig to color the sound and it kicks ass the way it turns out.  The effects really add a lot of dynamics to the piece.  Check it.  You wont be sorry!!!