Religion of Revolution

Corruption, corruption, corruption.

Lies, lies, lies.

Deception, deception, deception.

Why, why, why.

How could this happen?

The first time in history!!

A government revealed of blasphemy.

Now to face reality.


Ignorance plays upon those in warmth

Substance delays what the mind contorts.

A gossip columnist with a twist on authority

Feeding cotton candy to the vast majority.


As though this is a revelation,

Our lives so significantly altered.

Truth is, just a gross inhalation,

Destroying the perfection our minds have soldered.

Respect, or admire, so as to defend their action?

No.  A crime is a crime without distraction.

Benefit and uprising to overthrow a faction?

No.  Just a mere instigator to incite a reaction.


The irony is, it was a liberal who distributed

Incriminating evidence about a left-sided politician.

The world will now await to see these corrupt leaders fall.

So that we can then replace them with a regime to save us all.

A regime no doubt, which will stand,

For the virtues, of the common man.

A respectable group, that will have the right plan.

Restarting the loop, we will be given a guiding hand.

Since of course a new government,

Could NEVER be as bad.


The current politician with charisma and charm,

Will now be viewed with disturb and alarm.

The accomplishments made in the past three years,

Were all lies compared to what has now been made clear.

Finally making progress on a liberal agenda.

That’s irrelevant with what will now be remembered.


A step toward healthcare and a more honorable tax,

Will lead us all to welfare with these new-found facts.

A new government will take hold.

That’s as certain as wikileaks is bold.

But it will be one of a conservative nature,

Since compared to what we can now read…let’s give them a waiver.


That will lead to more problems, since they are for business,

But look at these liberals though, and our new-found evidence!!

It’s going to continue, this vicious cycle of apathy.

Both from our leaders, and those of anonymity.

Even if a new authority was founded,

One that for all intents and purposes, seemed grounded,

It would still ripen with decay,

As greed and self-interest would pave the way.


Through dynasties, through empires,

Through revolutions of burning embers.

Human nature has taken precedence,

Altruistically, of course, through the importance…

Of an idealist’s relevance.

My song Midnight

So now to tell you that in addition to writing about whatever comes to my mind.  I also play music.  I have been playing the guitar since I was 15 and delved heavily into jazz, and classical, and progressive styles of music.  I play open mics around New York and the first song that I ever played as a solo artist was a song I wrote called Midnight.

On Midnight I use a looping pedal to make it sound like there is more going since I have no other artists backing me, and also, I don’t sing (at least didn’t then).  Regardless, I have just posted video footage of me playing my song Midnight with the use of effects pedals as well.

In order to record any video I am very strict about the idea of doing the entire video in one take only.  There are so many artists editing their shit with pro-tools it depressed me that they couldn’t mimic it live.  So my recording process is a response to that.  My song Midnight took me at least 20 different takes before I nailed it to my satisfaction.  Making sure the lighting was right, that I didn’t fuck up the notes, that I didn’t accidentally curse, cough or breathe.  Making sure that my timing was right.  Everything was subject to scrutiny.  Think “Murphy’s Law” but times a billion.  Anyway here’s a link to the finished product.

I also have a facebook fan page under called “Stop Motion solo”

I have a facebook group called “Get down with Stop Motion”

I have another facebook group called “Stop Motion Rocks”

The video is available at all those locations, so check it out.