Manipulation and Disrespect.

I had a discussion on facebook about how some people treat others like shit.  This was my contribution (truth be told I just copied and pasted this from the discussion, but it was all one comment, written by me, is just as truthful, and I thought it was worth blogging about).

Women and men tend to have different insecurities just based on their chemical makeup. Lets leave seduction out of this because that’s a whole other story. If assholes or bitches get women or men, it’s because they know what insecurities to play on and how to manipulate members of the opposite sex. Same goes for a woman who treats a man like shit. Generally if a man is in a relationship (and is serious about it) he will try to make the woman feel better about herself if they are upset. That’s how I see it and the same goes for a caring woman with her man. It all depends on how insecure and caring the male and the female are of themselves and each other. When we’re young, EVERYONE is very insecure. Finding that insecurity is key, then you exploit it, and you have someone at your beck and call. Personally, I can’t stand it when either sex does this to their significant other. But I do find their behaviors fascinating, and for that reason I hung around them to figure out what seems to make them tick. I’m dark I know :)

Trip to DC Entry 2

To continue with my discussion of my recent trip to DC. It was an amazing day. I have photos now to post from the trip. The bus ride was about 4 or 5 hours and we arrived at around 1. From there we went from the parking lot to the metro (DC speak for Subway) and then we took the metro about 7 stops in to a station I can’t recall the name of. No big deal though because we were meeting up with people who had already secured a spot… RIGHT BETWEEN THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL AND THE REFLECTING POOL… can you say connections (and people who have initiative to leave earlier) rock :) I can. We arrived at that spot at around 2:30 and it killed. The rally would last until 4. So I was a part of history, had a great spot, and was only in the sun for about an hour and a half. Good deal in my eyes. Btw, here’s shot of the reflecting pool to give an idea of just where I was. I couldn’t have asked for a better spot. Also by that point a lot of the attendees had left so there was a lot of breathing room. Why did we get there so late you might ask… blame the bus driver ūüėÄ Also, this is something I saw in the end of the rally which I just shit myself from seeing. As usual there are always protesters (at a rally, wow that’s original) lol. Anyway this lady was protesting privatized health insurance in a very unique way. Check it out: All in all this day kicked ass.

Trip to DC Entry 1

So I attended a rally in Washington DC today for union workers and to keep jobs in America.  Crazy day but lots of fun.  Had to catch a 5 A.M. bus that ended up leaving at 6:30 and I took catnaps all the way to the capital and then jammed for a little out there.  George Clinton also showed… but they pulled his mic cuz he cursed?

Great turnout and we were lucky enough to be right between the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool.  I couldn’t think of a better nesting place for protest.

Trains Stations + wifi?

Okay, I have no problem whatsoever with wifi in the trains it’s nice to have service in a tunnel sometimes. However, when it comes at the cost of cutting service or a raised transit fare I really don’t mind not being able to use the internet or talk to a friend. Let’s see $100+ for a monthly metrocard, lesser service, but I can talk in the train; OR 89 bucks for a monthly metrocard and I have to maybe MEET SOMEONE on a train instead of use a brain microwave. Yeah I think I’ll choose the 89 dollar option.

“For too long the subway system has been an information black hole in our lives,” Walder said in a statement. (from article in link)

In response to that quote, I disagree, I like atmosphere of the train. Email doesn’t get so drastic in 20 minutes usually that it’s irreversible. Also it seems as though the service will, for now, not extend into the tunnels and will just be in the stations. That’s kind of a cock-tease.

My day today

Went out to first verify that a train in fact stopped at a particular station. ¬†Once I did that asked my friend for some directions and then headed to Canal street to hit up an open mic… It did not exist. ¬†So I managed to stall by walking to Guitar Center, taking a crap (it’s the new Barnes and Noble) and then jamming a bit before heading off to the Bowery Poetry Club’s open mic. ¬†It was cool. ¬†I played my song chocolate. ¬†Said song can be viewed (as well as my other songs) at ¬†Check out. ¬†All in all it was a good night. ¬†Tata for now.